Monday, January 12, 2009

Local Product Spotlight: 8th Sin Coffee Company

8th Sin Coffee Company is a local Raleigh based coffee roasting company. As we all know, pure coffee is already Gluten Free but sometimes the added flavoring can be suspect. I checked in with Greg at 8th Sin for more information about their flavored coffee. Below is his response about the flavoring they use in their coffee.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 9:18 PM
Subject: Re: Coffee Question
Hello Zach

As I'm sure you're aware, Coffee itself is gluten free, so the only thing you need to worry about is with flavored coffees.

We realize that our customers have many different dietary needs, and have often received questions about the content of our flavored coffees. To help our customers understand what is in our product, we post a Allergen Statement at the top of our flavored coffee page,

We hope this answers your questions.

Greg Todaro
Eighth Sin Coffee Company, Inc.
The ONE Worth Roasting For
919-832-8898 Roasting Facility
877-569-7620 Toll Free

There you have it, looks like all their coffee products are Gluten Free!

Click for a list of their products (Certified Organic Beans, Single Origin Beans, Blended Beans, Espresso and Decaf). Looks like they also sell Gift Baskets, Gift Certifications and have a coffee club as well.

There are many ways to try out 8th Sin Coffee but the easiest may be to stop into the nearest Fresh Market grocery store. You can also pick up coffee from 8th Sin at their Roasting facility, The Bottle & Bean in Wake Forest, Common Grounds in Apex or from their Web site. 8th Sin can also provide your office with Coffee through Carolina Vending.



Kathy J said...

I wrote to 8th Sin when I first went GF and they knew their coffee was but didn't know about the flavors. I didnt hear from them for a few weeks, then up pops an email telling me they did the legwork and the flavors are GF. I drink 8th Sin coffee every morning!! Havent found a flavor I dont like. They have MY business!

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