Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jules Gluten Free - New Cookie Mix Now Available

Just wanted to let everyone know about a newly available treat from Jules Gluten Free. Jules Shepard has been to Raleigh many times for Gluten Free cooking classes and she usually brings along a favorite - cookies. The item was requested so much by her following that a brand new cookie mix based on her frequently used recipe was released.

Today was nearly 100 degrees in Raleigh, way too hot to be outside. A perfect day to stay cool inside and make some chocoloate chip cookies.  The mix certainly lives up to the Jules Shepard standard and is easy to make.  It also offers the flexability to add your own goodies - like chocolate chips, M&Ms or whatever else you like.  Jules Gluten Free products are made for folks with multiple food issues in mind and this cookie mix is no different - in addition to being Gluten Free, it's also dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, nut-free, and is certified kosher.

For our cookies, we chose to add Enjoy Life chocolate chips - a family favorite, safe product.  The cookies came out perfect and the taste was awesome.  This mix is definitely one we'll use again and certainly rivals any GF cookie mix already on the market.  Another bonus was that the mix produced 60 cookies - a claim on the bag that I wasn't too sure about until I saw for myself.  I'm not talking quarter sized cookies either - these were 60 cookies as big as the palm of your hand.  The majority of other mixes don't make nearly as much.  With the flexibility to add your own goodies along with the Jules Gluten Free qualtiy, we were very pleased.

The good news is that you can get some of this new cookie mix and take advantage of a special offer - for a limited time (offer ends Monday, June 28th), buy 2 or more bags of Jules Gluten Free Cookie Mix, and the shipping is free! Plus, the FREE shipping extends to your entire order... a great chance to stock up on All Purpose Flour and our Graham Cracker/Gingersnap mix, as well!   Click here to order via the special offer.

Also, stay tuned for a giveaway of the new Jules Gluten Free cookie mix here on Gluten Free Raleigh very soon.


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Ooooh, they look SO yummy!

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