Friday, April 3, 2009

Official NFCA GREAT Guide

It's official, I am a GREAT Guide for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. There are now 15 of us in the entire USA.

I've written before in the past about the Gluten Free Resource Education Awareness Training program. If you are not familiar with the program, look back over some of these previous posts to learn more. It's basically a training and awareness program for chefs, dietitians, cafeteria workers and other hospitality industry professionals that deals with Celiac disease and the Gluten Free diet. Click this link to see the locations that have already gone through GREAT training to date. At this time, the Raleigh area is home to only one GREAT certified restaurant - ZPizza.

I have spoken with several restaurants over the last few months that are extremely interested in participating in GREAT training and I will work over the next few weeks to make sure they get what they need from the program. The end result will be a safer dining experience for folks on the Gluten Free Diet and increased awareness among the food service industry. The goal is to have many restaurants go through this training in the Raleigh area. I will be posting in the future about these locations as they come on board. Each location will also have a handy window decal by the front door of their location and the GREAT logo on their Gluten Free menus.

For more information about GREAT, click here for the NFCA GREAT Web page or check out this handy 1 page brochure.

If you are interesting in participating in the GREAT training program, please email me!


Jen said...

congrats, zach! very cool!!

Anonymous said...

Great job, Zach! Thanks for all you do for the rest of us.

Clair said...

I think you do a great job and I think you have done the best you could do under the circumstances.
I did not see the negative comment nor did I need to do so.
Great Speciality Products is a wonderful find. I have tried one shipment and am already preparing the next one because the service was wonderful, the food was wonderful and the best bread since my diagnosis in May.

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