Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Is This Thing On....?

Obviously the posting has been a little light around here lately... my apologies.  Multiple things are at play here.  First off, my family has grown and being a parent is my primary duty during my free time.  Secondly, I've now been Gluten Free and living with Celiac Disease for almost 4 years.  You learn a lot in 4 years, Gluten Free life just becomes easier.  Awareness (one of the goals of this blog) is at the highest level I've seen.  More and more GF products are on the market and gasp... the FDA might actually decide what it means to put a GF label on products soon.  It's good to be Gluten Free right now (if there is such a thing).

That being said, Gluten Free Raleigh can still be a place for getting information about being GF in this area.  There is still a lot happening out there and the newly diagnosed need this information.  I am in need of folks who are willing to put in some time and energy to keep it going though.  You are already living the life, why not share?

If you have any interest, please email me - glutenfreeraleigh@gmail.com.  Otherwise, you'll just be staring at old posts.  This "job" is best suited for the newly diagnosed as you still are hungry (pun intended) for information on Gluten Free living.