Thursday, April 23, 2009

Useful Resources: Celiac Disease Articles you can show your Doctor

Do you think you might have Celiac Disease but can't get your doctor to listen to your concerns? Do you think your doctor is not up to speed on the latest Celiac information? Check out this article recently published by Nancy Lapid who is responsible for the Celiac Disease section of

Here are some articles you can print off or email your doctor to further educate them.

Carlo Catassi and Alessio Fasano. Celiac Disease. Current Opinion in Gastroenterology 2008;24(6):687-691
You can download this article as a PDF file from the website of the Celiac Disease Foundation. Click on “Celiac Disease, Carlo Catassi & Alessio Fasano, Medscape, December 5, 2008”

John S. Leeds, Andrew D. Hopper, and David S. Sanders. Coeliac Disease. British Medical Bulletin 2008 88(1):157-170; doi:10.1093/bmb/ldn044
This article is available as a PDF file or in html on the website of the British Medical Bulletin. You’ll need to register with a user name and password, but there’s no charge.

Peter H.R. Green and Christophe Cellier. Celiac Disease: a Review. New England Journal of Medicine 2007;357:1731-43.
The Canadian Celiac Association has arranged for a PDF file of this article to be available on their website.

Thanks Nancy - great article!


NFCA said...

Another great and useful post. Raising awareness in the medical world is as important as educating the public and food industry. To add to your list of helpful resources, the NFCA has a printable symptoms checklist that might also be useful to bring in while speaking with your doctor. You can find that here.

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