Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Carolina Hurricanes/RedBridge Update

I recently spoke with the folks over at the RBC Center to inquire about the number of RedBridge that were actually sold this year during Carolina Hurricane's home games. You may remember some previous posts about this blog working with the RBC Center to make this happen. It was great to spot other folks ordering or drinking RedBridge during the game and if possible I tried to talk with them.

The official number of RedBridge sold this year during 41 home games was 106. I know there were several games when they ran out so I think this number could have been higher. Also, I only have a 26 game plan so that hurt the numbers a bit - haha. Regardless, that averages out to almost 3 sold per game. The food and beverage folks said they considered carrying the beer for us to be a success and will do so again next year. They will also continue to carry it throughout the playoffs. This is great news.

Also - Congrats to the Canes on an awesome Game 7 victory last night in NJ! On to Boston. Good luck boys.


John said...

That's great news.

It would be nice if we could get the Durham Bulls to do the same. Perhaps an email writing campaign would help? I will try to contact them soon.

Anonymous said...

Where are these sold during the hockey games? I asked around on the first floor and was told they don't have them. Are they only at the bars on the second floor?

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