Monday, November 1, 2010

Greensboro & Winston-Salem Updates

Just wanted to let you all know that activity has recently picked up on our sister blogs Gluten Free Greensboro & Gluten Free Winston-Salem.

A big thanks to Amanda in Greensboro and Deb in Winston-Salem for taking on the important role of sharing their Gluten Free adventures with us.  The concept around all the Gluten Free blogs I have launched hinge on the dedication of volunteer bloggers.  It take time to research and blog about Gluten Free life in a city.  Thanks to all the dedicated folks out there who write about their cities in North Carolina and welcome to our newest members.

If you are interested in blogging for your city, please email me and I'll get you set up.  There can be more than one author per city (in fact it is highly encouraged to help spread the work).  The links to existing blogs around NC can be found at the top of this blog.  If you'd like one created for a city not listed, please let me know.


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