Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gluten Free Expo Comes to Raleigh on August 12, 2012

August 12th, 2012 ~ Raleigh, N.C. ~ The Cobblestone Hall ~ 2:30-6:30 pm


Echo Event Solutions, in collaboration with National Support Groups, is proud to present a series of Gluten/Allergen Free Expos and Educational Events across several states. The Director of Coordination, Nikki Everett, has successfully managed the Charlotte Gluten/Allergen Free Expo and brought many Local and National vendors into the spotlight of the Charlotte, N.C. market.  Building on that success, Nikki is taking the show on the road and Raleigh was picked as a expansion site for a 2012 event.

Vendor/Sponsor List so far...
Vendor ~ Bakery On Main
Vendor ~ Triumph Dining
Vendor ~ Glutino
Vendor ~ Kinnikinnick

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Also, see the letter below.


Hello to Everyone,

I am writing to inform you of the exciting news that our company, Echo Event Solutions, has picked Raleigh, N.C. as a fantastic area to plan a large event for 2012!

I hope you are as excited as we are about having an event come to the Raleigh area. You may have heard of our events as I have planned the Charlotte Gluten/Allergen Free Expo for 3 years. If you have not been to that event nor have heard of me, this is our introduction to your community. The short version can be found by opening my web site links and attached files.

In 2008, we began the journey of getting my daughter diagnosed with celiac. She did not react very well to the prospect of having to quit eating most of the foods she loved and began to feel very isolated from friends, angry at gluten (the enemy) and anyone who ate gluten around her. So I decided to start a children's support group where they could be "normal" together and chartered R.O.C.K.(Raising Our Celiac Kids) Charlotte N.C. Chapter in Jan. 2009

I heard about large Gluten/Allergen Free Events across the country and thought it would be great to bring one to Charlotte. My goal was to research products that were superior in quality, so gluten/allergen free didn't have to taste inferior any more. After several successful events and a lot of awareness, the options are growing. However, there is still a lacking of availability in some locations or accessibility due to schedule of daily life.

Because of the Charlotte Expo, our support groups have been able to get the newest of allergen free products, information, and engaging educational classes from experts in living gluten/allergen free, like Dr. Fasano of the Center for Celiac Research, Mrs. United States Shannon Ford, Dr. Peter Osborne of Gluten Free Society, Melinda Dennis of Beth Israel Deaconess, and many more. Now, I want to share these events and our approach with your communities. However, I can't be successful at it without your support.

If you are interested in participating in a gluten/allergen free Expo in Raleigh, then please email me and we can discuss how you can help support us for this event. There will be no obligation for you to have this Expo except to volunteer your time if you want or else attend and pay a very nominal ticket fee of no more than $10.  This low cost to you is how we are able to successfully do fundraisers for special interests of the community.

Our Community Fundraising Initiatives go to:
• We help your community by setting up an allergen free section in a local centralized food bank and will help your support group with a plan to keep it going after we are gone.
• We do fundraisers with raffles of baskets full of goodies to attendees for organizations like the Center For Celiac Research & Camp Weekaneatit in Georgia, a summer camp for children with celiac disease on a gluten free diet.
• Work with local businesses who develop gluten/allergen free options safely and give them a boost by offering discounted pricing to be involved, because we believe the best of gluten free starts at home.
• And more...

Please let me know if I can assist you with any questions and thank you for taking the time to read.

Nikki Everett
Director of Event Coordination
Charlotte Gluten/Allergen Free Expo
R.O.C.K.(Raising Our Celiac Kids) Charlotte Chapter
Gluten Free Seminars, LLC
ECHO Event Solutions


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