Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rosie's Plate Two Year Anniversary Sale

The last two years have definitely been interesting for me to say the least.  The time has certainly gone by really fast as the Gluten Free Lifestyle (and this blog) dominated my life.  The further you get from your Celiac diagnosis, the easier it becomes and the less dominating it becomes - but your life is truly never the same.  Many of you have heard me say in the past that I have a special connection to Rosie's Plate.  The day my doctor called to give me my Celiac diagnosis, I read an article in the News & Observer about the very opening of Rosie's Plate.  Reading that article gave me a sense of hope that I could find safe places to eat Gluten Free.  Now, two years later as I type my 600th post to this blog, Rosie's Plate is still going strong and always improving.

Rosie's Plate is currently celebrating their two year anniversary!  Not sure exactly how many times I've been to Rosie's Plate over the last two years, but I know I'll be stopping in this week to pick up some great GF food and say a big THANK YOU.  I encourage you all to do the same thing as well!  As an added bonus, for this week only, stop into Rosie's Plate and receive 15% off all in-store purchases (5/24 thru 5/29).  And be sure to pick up a free "thanks for being our customer" cupcake as well!

Thanks Rosie's Plate, Rose Waring and the excellent staff for all you do for the GF community. 
Happy Anniversary!  The Triangle Gluten Free community is extremely lucky to have you!


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