Friday, July 9, 2010

Jules Gluten Free - Cookie Mix Giveaway

I've previously written about the brand new Gluten Free Cookie Mix now available from Jules Gluten Free.

I'm happy to now offer a product giveaway to one lucky reader.  Actually, there is something in it for everyone who participates - keep reading.  Thanks to Jules Shepard and Jules Gluten Free for sponsoring this giveaway.

Giveaway Details
  • One reader (randomly selected by me) who follows the Rules below will win 3 free Gluten Free Cookie Mixes from Jules Gluten Free.
  • All entrants who follows the rules below will receive a "Save $5 Coupon” for use on any Jules Gluten Free product.
  • The contest will run until Friday, July 30th, 2010 with a winner selected shortly thereafter.
Giveaway Rules
  • In order to win, you must be a Raleigh area resident. I will have to get the physical address from the winner to provide to Jules Gluten Free (they will be shipping you your prize).  I will be sending only your email address and name to Jules Gluten Free for the $5 coupon which will in turn be emailed to you by Jules Gluten Free.
  • Leave a comment below that details a recent restaurant experience in the Raleigh area (can be anywhere in the Triangle).  Please share where you ate (restaurant name and location), what you ate and how they handled your Gluten Free meal.  The idea is to share your experience with others!  Please try to keep the negativity of your comments to a minimum.  Please leave your email address in your comment (if you are not comfortable doing so, please email me your comment).  I need a way to select and contact the winner.
  • If you are also a Subscriber to this blog via RSS, you'll get your email address entered twice.
  • And if you also follow Gluten Free Raleigh on Twitter, you'll get your email address entered a third time.  Please send me a direct message with the email address you are using in your comments.
To summarize -> Leaving a valid comment with a valid email gets you 1 entry in the drawing, being a subscriber gets you a second entry and following me on Twitter gets you a third.  Winner gets 3 free mixes, everyone else gets a $5 off coupon.


Holly said...

I went to PeiWei in Cary shortly after changing diets because I missed Chinese food. I had a negative experience at PF Chang's (their nicer branch) and so was wary. I ordered the sweet and sour chicken. When it came to me it appeared to be breaded. I was concerned that they had mixed up my order, so I asked about it. THey told me that they toss the chicken in potato starch before cooking it so it does have the traditional texture of 'real' sweet and sour chicken. They also apologized because a manager was supposed to have made my meal and brought it out to me to keep it safe.
I liked the potato starch idea so much that I made my own fried chicken with potato starch. My husband even liked it which is amazing.

bookworm said...

My son and I ate at the Jason's Deli in Durham this week (still waiting for the Cary deli to open). They had just gotten their Udi's bread two days before and even had a sign at the register that detailed their gluten-free offerings. What impressed me the most was that they do not charge extra for the Udi's bread. That was a nice surprise!

Kelley said...

Last week I went to Eidelweiss Café in Market Square... I adore German food, but was hesitant, since it's generally very heavy on pastry and gravies. After perusing their website I thought it was possible to eat safely. Upon being seated I told our waitress that I needed her help finding gluten-free options. She was very receptive and conferred with the chef, who read the ingredients on every menu item I inquired about and came back to give me a full report. They were responsive enough to know that their beef broth had a wheat base, which frankly was impressive. Most people don't know that and wouldn't have caught it. My gluten sensitivity level is not that acute, so the option she came up with was fine. The food was excellent--by far the best German in the area. I don't know if they could make it work for someone who is acutely sensitive, but they at least understand and will make the effort to engage their patrons in finding an option.

C Claiborne said...

We went to Z-Pizza tonight and as usual had a good experience. I ordered Italian Sausage and Pepperoni and the intake person said, just a moment I want to make sure Italian Sausage is Gluten Free.

Wendi said...

Bella Monica is our family favorite - lots of gluten free foods served on special colored plates. The staff is great.

When we traveled to Wilmington, NC for vacation we went to The Little Dipper downtown - you must go there! When I made reservations I mentioned that I needed their gluten free menu. It was there waiting for me when we were seated. The waitress was helpful in selecting gf items. Since this is a fondue style place it was a treat! Way better than The Melting Pot and alot cheaper.

John said...

I ate at Aladin's Eatery on Falls of the Neuse a few nights ago and it was delicious. They are very receptive to questions about what is gluten free and even have a laminated chart to hand you that details what dishes have what allergens.

I had one of the Jasmin's Favorites which I think are Lebanese rice, veggies and meat dishes. I had the lamb and it was mouth watering. For the adventurous I recommend the garlic sauce to add to the meal! They told me they were thinking of offering some gluten free deserts since they specialize in decadent deserts and have a big frozen display case up front to tease us celiacs!

I highly recommend Aladins, as well as other Mediterranean/Middle Eastern spots such as Sitti (which Zach has written about) and Solomon's (a local chain run by a Lebanese family) for those looking for something different ans something yummy.

Laura said...

I went to Carino's in Briar Creek last night for a friend's birthday dinner and brought my printed out gluten free menu from the web. When I told the waitress I wanted the gluten free chicken scaloppini without flour on the chicken and green beans instead of pasta, she studied the menu intently and made sure she had all the special instructions right. My meal didn't come out separately from the others or anything, but it all seemed to be made to the correct specifications. I have mild and sometimes no symptoms so I can't really say if it was truly without gluten, but I appreciated the effort of the waitress. Oh and the meal was delicious! I was also glad that when they brought out ice cream for the birthday girl and others to share, it wasn't sitting on a big brownie or anything so I was actually able to have some :)

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