Friday, July 30, 2010

Winner - Jules Gluten Free - Cookie Mix Giveaway

Congrats to Holly who posted about her recent trip to Pei Wei in Cary!  She'll be receiving THREE free cookie mixes from Jules Gluten Free.

For the remaining 6 people (bookworm, Kelley, C Claiborne, Wendi, John & Laura) who left a comment and entered the contest... if you would like your $5 off coupon for Jules Gluten Free products, I'll need your email addresses.  Please shoot me an email.  Thanks to everyone that shared their GF restaurant experiences.

Just a quick note - Yes, I am still alive.  Posting here at Gluten Free Raleigh has been a little light lately.  I've been very busy with life and am also attempting to enjoy my summer.  In addition, the last 2 years of blogging nearly 650 posts has worn me out a little I guess.  I do post tweets pretty often though about new products I am trying or dinner I am having out and about in Raleigh.  It's just easier than doing a full blog post.  Click here to follow me on twitter.  Hopefully, the activity on this blog will return soon but who knows.


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