Friday, February 11, 2011

Post Cereals Certified Gluten Free???

Check out this interesting and alarming blog from Jules Shepard.
It appears that Post has been a little misleading in their use of the term "Certified Gluten Free" for their recently reformulated Fruity Pebbles & Cocoa Pebbles.  Doesn't the use of that term infer that a third party is involved in the certifications?
Thanks to Jules for pointing this out.
What are your thoughts?


Kristen said...

As a scientist who does clinical research for government trials, it seems crazy to me that a company can self-certify their product as gluten free. In the lab, its understood that an outside party should validate results. I think its inappropriate to declare a product as gluten free without 3rd party testing- how do we know how stringent their standards are for declaring the product as "gluten free"?

As Jules pointed out, it is long overdue for the certification of gluten free foods to be defined and regulated. Without rules, how can we be sure who to trust?

kbturner said...

I just called Ms. Mennes, in their public relations department and left a message indicating a similar response as others. If and when she returns my call, I will post the information. Hopefully she will hear from enough families that it will make a positive difference.

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