Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gluten Free Hour On QVC

Not sure if you saw this or not, but the home shopping giant QVC had it's first hour long show dedicated entirely to gluten free products today. The show featured many gluten free products ranging from baked goods to crab cakes to cookbooks to snacks to ribs from Shane's Rib Shack.

Some facts I picked up on are below.
-more than 1500 of the cookbooks sold at $20 each according to the counter at the bottom of the screen.
-nearly 22,000 Boomi bars sold in a few minute segment (a sell out).
-over 7,000 crab cakes sold at about $7 a pop.

Overall, this was a pretty interesting show and featured some good tidbits and facts about Celiac and gluten free living.  QVC said they did the show due to high customer demand.  Anyone order?  I must admit that this is the longest I've ever watched a home shopping channel.  Has gluten free officially gone mainstream?


Sweets Girl said...

Yes...there was a Dr Oz segment that ran this week that two of my friends watched...they said he mentioned that a gluten-free diet can lack a lot of essential fiber so it's not recommended as a diet! Wow! It's amazing how long it takes for the true facts to be disseminated that people with the disease already know!

chris said...

I hate I missed it! I hope they do it again. Thanks Zach

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