Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gluten Free Raleigh Goes Mobile

The formatting around reading Gluten Free Raleigh on a mobile device has been an issue for me since getting my first smart phone nearly two years ago.  The entire blog loads into that little window and you must pinch & zoom just right to be able to see anything.  Unfortunately, the Blogger software behind this blog has not been very nice to those of you (including me) viewing GFR on a mobile device.  According to my Google Analytics for GFR, that's about 5% of my total pageviews so far for 2011.  Well, that has recently changed and I've been able to update GFR to use a new feature in Blogger to show a better format when browsing mobile.  See the picture for a preview or browse the blog from your smartphone now to see for yourself.  Hope this helps.


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