Tuesday, August 9, 2011

North Carolina State University Adds Gluten Free Dining Hall Options

Gluten free stations now available at Fountain Dining Hall

August 1, 2011 (Raleigh, NC) — Gluten free stations have now been added to Fountain Dining Hall at NC State University.  Gluten free stations were added to provide students with celiac disease, wheat or gluten allergies safe, alternative options at each meal.

Fountain Dining Hall features two gluten free stations.  Each station is labeled “Worry-Free Fare” and includes vanilla and chocolate soy milk, gluten free breads and muffins, and Rice Chex cereal. Students with celiac will have access to a toaster dedicated to gluten free bread only.

Gluten free entrees and sides are available at each meal in dining hall locations.  To find gluten free options , check the Nutrition and Allergen Calculator in the online menu section of University Dining’s web site or view the allergen board located in each dining hall.

“By adding alternative gluten free options to our largest dining facility,  Fountain Dining Hall, we can better meet the needs of our students with celiac disease, wheat allergies or gluten allergies,”  said Lisa Eberhart, registered dietician for University Dining.  “If students have questions or concerns about an allergy or intolerance, they can contact me directly.”

To learn more about University Dining, visit www.ncsudining.com.

If you feel you are suffering from a food allergy, please contact our registered dietitian, Lisa Eberhart, for an individual meeting. To make an appointment, call student Health at 919-515-7107 to schedule a free appointment. If you would like to speak with the dietitian call 919-513-5310, or email at lisa_eberhart@ncsu.edu

List of menu items & common allergens can be found here http://www.ncsudining.com/dining/nutrition/nutrition_chart.html.

Sample Gluten Free Product List for C Store can be found here http://www.ncsudining.com/dining/docs/C%20Store%20Gluten%20Free%20Product%20List.pdf

University Dining is a division of Campus Enterprises, the lead organization for retail and hospitality for NC State University. To learn more about Campus Enterprises, go to www.ncsu.edu/campusenterprises.


kellypgardner said...

Wow!!! This is so great! I wish my husband had access to this when he was at NC State. After I read this article to him he said, "I guess we know where our kids are going." (Hopefully our kids won't have to worry about celiac disease.)

kbturner said...

Western Carolina also offers gluten free dining in their main dining hall. They started doing so last year....That's where my daughter with Celiac will go....

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