Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Useful Resources: At Home Celiac DNA Tests

Some cool news from Prometheus Labs which has just come out with a brand new at home DNA test for Celiac Disease. This new test uses a cheek swab collection method rather than a more invasion (and painful) blood sample. The new cheek swab test is called MyCeliacID - check out the Web site here for more information and ordering. The test can be ordered online, taken at home and mailed back to Prometheus. The test runs $329 and results are usually returned within 7 days. Click here for a video about how to perform the test. Prometheus also has a page which provides information on exactly who should be tested.

Here are a couple of articles about this new test.

Note - a positive gene test for Celiac Disease does not indicate a diagnosis of CD. This is not an antibody test for active CD and can only be used to rule out the possibility of CD. Bottom line, if the genes are not present, the individual cannot ever develop CD - and if the genes are present, the individual may or may not already have CD. A person with the genes should not immediately begin a Gluten Free diet and should be watched for symptoms and screened using the antibody test in the future. An antibody blood test, biopsy of the small intestine and recovery on a Gluten Free diet are the gold standard for accurate diagnosis of CD.

Just an FYI - Prometheus claims that this is the first test of it's kind but some of us out there may have already used another lab called Kimball Genetics which was already offering a cheek swab DNA test. The cost of this test is closer to $400.


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