Monday, September 14, 2009

Gluten Free City Guide Updated

If you have not seen the Gluten Free City Guide, you can check it out here. It is a helpful tool if you plan on traveling to unknown areas of the USA/Canada. I designed the GF City Guide as a mashup of great Gluten Free blogs or Celiac Disease support group Web sites for various cities out there. These are the local folks in the know for their respective city. I would recommend reading their content and/or even contacting them in advance of your trip so that things can go a little more smooth. I get emails a lot from folks coming to Raleigh and they can easily refer to content on on GFR for their trip.

I spent some time recently updating it to make it a little more easy to use and navigate. Also, I updated some of the cities listed, removed bad links and added new cities. There are now 176 placemarks on the Gluten Free City Guide map.

The Gluten Free City Guide is includes placemarks on numerous cities throughout the USA & Canada. Placemarks have been added to cities where Celiac Disease Support Group Web sites and/or Gluten Free Blogs specifically about those cities exist. Find a city you want more Gluten Free information on and simply click it's placemark. Use the Gluten Free City Guide map to help with traveling to unfamiliar cities or to learn more about your city.

Please email me if you maintain a Celiac Disease support group Web site or are a blogger who writes about living Gluten Free in a particular city/state/region and would like to be added to the network.


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