Friday, September 11, 2009

Ted's Montana Grill - Gluten Free Menu Updated

Check out this great article from about Ted's Montana Grill and the recent changes to their Gluten Free menu and strategy.

Ted's Montana Grill's Gluten Free menu can be found here and turns out to be pretty extensive. Multiple choices for starters, salads, burgers/chicken sandwiches, entrees, kids menu, sides and desserts can be found.

French fries are also now on the menu but be sure to check each location has a dedicated fryer.

Raleigh has one Ted's Montana Grill which can be found at Triangle Town Center. The location's Web site can be found here.

I have not yet been to Ted's but will try to soon. If you have been, please leave a comment below about your experience.


Jeanne said...

There is also a Ted's across from the Streets at Southpoint in Durham.

Wendy said...

I've been to the Ted's across from Southpoint a couple of times and had a great experience both times. The staff was very knowledgeable and very helpful. On one occasion someone did accidentally put a piece of bread on my plate right before it came out (like they do on everyone else's plate) but the waiter noticed it as he was bringing it out and had them make my dinner over. It was unfortunate, but it was taken care of very quickly.

Kathy J said...

I've been to the Raleigh Teds several times and the Durham Teds once. I have had hit or miss waitstaff regarding gluten knowledge but the management is great ... I have only gotten sick (in Raleigh) once, and it was mild, so probably was some mild cross contamination issue in the kitchen. I did get sick from the Durham location but I THINK it was because I used their ketchup (and altho Heinz, I suspect someone stuck their gluten containing knife in there to get it started, so now I either bring my own ketchup or go without. I cant know for sure, but that is my guess as that waiter really seemed knowledgeable) Ive had the fries several times, and been fine. I HIGHLY recommend their bison burgers...and they cook it rare just like I like it.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for spreading the word about Ted's Zach! If they get all the stores trained correctly to offer safe fries, maybe we can convince them to make us gluten-free onion!

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