Thursday, September 3, 2009

More On Gluten Free Classes @ Rosie's Plate

I wrote yesterday about some upcoming Gluten Free classes being offered over at Rosie's Plate. I wanted to expand a little on these (especially the 2nd class - hopefully I can meet some more of you out there as I will be teaching this class).
  • The first class being offered is called Basics of Baking Gluten Free. It will be held on Saturday, September 26th from 2pm - 330pm. The cost is $35 per person. The class will feature an up-close demonstration of how to make Rosie's buttermilk biscuits, sugar cookies and banana muffins. The class will actually take place in Rosie's kitchen with the excellent chefs behind the awesome food. The class will also feature a discussion on the basics of GF baking including the alternative flours available and how to make substitutions. The class size will be limited to only 6 people. Call 833.0505 to reserve your space before this class fills up.
  • The second class being offered is called Gluten Free 101. It will be held on Saturday, October 3rd from 1pm - 3pm. The class will be a great resource for those who are just starting out on a Gluten Free Diet. The class will be taught by yours truly! More details to come in the near future about this class but just think of it as an Introduction to the Gluten Free Lifestyle. The wave of going GF has just hit you and knocked you down - this class will help you stand up and begin your journey to being healthy again. This class will be limited to 12 people and hopefully will become a recurring class in the future. A portion of the class fee will be donated to Celiac Disease research. Call 833.0505 for more details and to reserve your space.


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