Thursday, October 15, 2009

2009 NC State Fair

Not much to report for this year's North Carolina State Fair. I attempted to get some updates a few weeks ago and didn't get much information. Unfortunately, the NC State Fair is about the most unfriendly GF place around. I was able to call some vendors myself last year and see what they offered that was Gluten Free. I did not get to do this for 2009.

If I find out anything else, I'll pass it along.

Here is my post about the 2008 NC State Fair - some things may still apply. Wouldn't it be great if the vendors had to fill out some sort of allergen form for the products they are selling?


Emily said...

Then I guess the old addage applies: Eat before leaving home (and enjoy the other parts of the fair).

Thanks for all the work you do to check on this for us.

Tracy Chastain & Kim Malone said...

I second what Emily says! Thank you for what you are doing for us. I had the pork barbecue plate last year and was OK. I was starving by the time I found it. Oh yeah - and I had two ears of corn and Al's fries. :)

:) tracy

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