Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Commenting Policy

The point of this blog over the last year and a half has been to share my experiences with you about how I live my Gluten Free life. I take a large portion of my free time to investigate & research things before they are published. I receive no compensation for any content published to the blog - this is simply my goodwill donation to you. From time to time, I write about companies or products that I have found and have tried successfully. I aim to keep things positive 100% of the time with the content on the blog - this includes commenting - and this is not something that I will ever change.

From my vantage point, there is not a company in the USA that is REQUIRED to make Gluten Free products. Most that are in the game, do it because they have some sort of personal connection to Celiac Disease or Gluten Free living. We are lucky to have these folks cater to us. Many of these companies do not make tons of cash (or much at all), but they do earn goodwill (something I believe very strongly in). The folks who I have dealt with are extremely passionate about helping others and that is the reason they are in the GF business. Negative comments (whether founded or unfounded) on this blog send the wrong message to the folks who put their businesses on the line to cater to those who are GF. We've seen in the past for example where companies like McDonald's have completely retracted from the GF marketplace because of some negative feedback/publicity. Like I said before, no one HAS to make GF products and companies have enough to worry about these days.

Effective 11/26/2009, I will institute the following policy around posting comments on Gluten Free Raleigh.

1) All readers will be required to register before commenting. This is so I know who is posting comments.

2) All comments will be reviewed by me before allowing to be published to GFR.

3) This basically disallows anonymous commenting.

4) Negative comments (whether founded or unfounded) are now disallowed on GFR, meaning if one is posted, I'll delete it. If a reader has issue with something written, they can either email me directly @ or contact the company/product involved directly. This blog will not serve as a public forum for trashing companies/products in any way.

5) I will not just simply delete the comment but will also follow up with the commenter so I can fully investigate. Remember in #1 above, everyone must be registered to comment so I'll know exactly who to contact. This process will allow me to fully vet something negative without leaving it there to cause trouble.

Changes can be made to this policy at any time.


Emily said...

Good idea, Zach. I totally support you in making this change.

Kathy J said...

me too, 100%!! thanks for all that you do!!

RugbyTurtle said...

I'm so sorry you've endured this experience but please know there are many of us out here who read your blog and support you 100%.
I personally am very grateful for your blog and the time you've devoted to it out of the goodness of your own heart. As a blogger myself (I'm responsible for 2 anda website), I know the time and effort that goes into such a project and I applaud you for all that you've done for the Celiac RDU Community. THANK YOU!!!!

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