Monday, January 25, 2010

Gluten Free Cary Update

Allow me to introduce a brand new blogger over at Gluten Free Cary. We've had a little hiatus in content on the Cary blog but I look forward to some new and exciting information from a new blogger. Read Joanie's introduction post here. Joanie's 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease a few weeks ago and their family is experiencing drastic and vast changes. The first year after going GF is very difficult but you definitely learn the most. Joanie can share all this great knowledge with you and hopefully help you out some.

Welcome aboard Joanie and thanks for sharing your experience in the spirit of helping others. If anyone is interested in contributing Gluten Free news for their city, please see Gluten Free North Carolina and let me know via email which blog you are interested in. I have set up numerous blogs for every major city in NC and will assist you in any way possible.


Joanie said...

Thanks for the welcome, Zach. I'm happy to be blogging.

It's my hope that with steady pressure, the Triangle region will become known nationally as a gluten-free friendly destination.

Stay tuned because this week we're baking gluten-free for the first time. I'll be making GF carrot cake, taking pictures and blogging about the results!

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