Monday, January 25, 2010

New Poll Question Added

I've added another new poll question to the long list of existing polls already out there on the Poll Questions page.

This time, I'm looking for your opinion on whether or not you would buy from a Gluten Free company that previously made you sick. With all that has happened recently with this situation, I'm wondering if any company out there had a chance to regain your trust once they made you or others sick from Gluten contamination.

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Curious Art said...

One comment though-- I definitely wouldn't buy again from a company that I knew for sure had made me sick, but there have been times when I wasn't 100% sure of the cause of the glutening, just suspicious, & in that case I'd give them another shot.

Chris said...

It depends on if it was inadvertent, and how they had remedied the situation. Pei Wei recently put (non GF) tofu in my GF meal. It was all a misunderstanding - but they not only paid for the meal, they were open to my ideas about packaging: mark the GF meal as such and put it in a separate bag, not underneath two gluten meals, there are holes in the lid! The next time I went there, they had changed how they packaged all their GF takeout meals - it said 'GF' on top and was in its own bag. I am a now VERY loyal Pei Wei customer.

If the company showed no desire to change their practices after an inadvertent gluten contamination, then no.

Now, if it was intentional, if it was fraud? Then no. And I'll just leave it at that. NO.

Lauren said...

I would never buy from a company that made me sick. Intentional, or not, sick is sick. I'd rather support companies with better, safer practices.

John said...

Yeah I think it depends on the situation. To err is human and all that.

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