Thursday, August 28, 2008

UPDATE - Useful Resources

I have added 2 items the Useful Resources section on the sidebar to the right.

First - I have added a listing of Food Ingredients that details which are safe and which are not safe. I have used this list in grocery shopping and have provided the list to most of my family members who might cook for me at some point to assist them. It has come in very handy over the last few months.

Second - I have also added my custom made Gluten Free Dining Card which was posted in a previous Useful Resources post. It contains English, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese versions of the dining card. I printed mine in the size of a business card, laminated it and then placed it in my wallet. Lamination is a good idea because I usually give the card to the chef and if they take it back to the kitchen it wont be ruined when they set it down on a wet counter top.



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