Friday, August 22, 2008

Restaurant Review - The Duck & Dumpling - Downtown Raleigh

On 8-19-08, I visited an Asian restaurant in Downtown Raleigh called The Duck & Dumpling. They did NOT have an exclusive GF Menu.

When I entered, I immediately asked the Hostess if I could speak to a Manager and/or Chef about a food allergy. This is my typical plan of attack and most places are pretty good about it. This time the Hostess directed me to my Waitress. Not sure if there is not a Manager type around and I got the impression that the Chef would be hard to talk to due to his thick accent. This is usually NOT a good sign.

After a lengthy discussion with my waitress and her running back and forth to the kitchen several times, I finally got down to the only things I felt safe ordering. See below.

-Cool SUMMER ROLLS Appetizer
-Water to drink

The waitress wasn't exactly sure of the ingredients in all cases and did not bring out ingredient containers for me to look over. I was a little concerned with a few of the recommendations she gave me because of this fact so that is why I was stuck eating 2 appetizers. I paid $12 plus tip and left hungry.

I would not recommend this place to other Celiacs unless you're willing to go through the above hassles.

The Duck & Dumpling
222 S Blount St (Moore's Square)
Downtown Raleigh
Phone 838-0085
Web -

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