Monday, March 22, 2010

Rosie's Plate - Big News Update

I've written pretty extensively on this blog about Rosie's Plate.  You can read all the previous posts here.  Obviously, I hold them in pretty high regard, and it's because they keep evolving and growing to meet our Gluten Free needs.  See below for two more great announcements about expanding services from Rosie's Plate.
  1. Rosie's Plate Gluten Free food will soon be available at Rex Hospital here in Raleigh.  Not only will Rex's cafeteria carry some Rosie's Plate food, but safe, Gluten Free food service will also be available to folks staying at the near-700 bed hospital who require a GF diet.  This is simply amazing news and an absolute no-brainer if you are Rex.  In an environment where they have a non-dedicated GF kitchen, why not outsource to a local, trusted, dedicated facility to meet your patients GF needs?  All I can say is kudos to Rose Waring (owner of Rosie's Plate) and her staff for ever-expanding their products/services to more Raleigh area GF consumers.  She is a pillar in the Raleigh Gluten Free community and we are lucky to have this company!  Also a big thanks to the folks at Rex, specifically Jim McGrody, the Director of Food and Nutrition Services @ Rex.

  2. Rosie's Plate Gluten Free food will also soon be available in Raleigh's Brier Creek location of Earth Fare.  Beginning on Thursday, April 8, 2010, many Gluten Free items from Rosie's Plate will be available.  There will be a kickoff weekend event (4/10 - 4/11) that will include tastings and more.
Stay tuned for more from Rosie's Plate!


    Curious Art said...

    That almost made me tear up with joy! One of my greatest fears has always been hospitalization. I've had awful experiences with hospital food with special diets for loved ones, so I don't trust them at all for GF. This is an absolutely wonderful development! Three cheers for Rex & Rosie's Plate!

    Vivian's Mommy said...

    I did tear up!! I had an emergency c-section at WakeMed Cary and prior to checking in at the hospital and while at the hospital, kept making requests to speak with the cafeteria dietitian. I stayed for 5 days and never once received a meal that was safe. I had to send my husband out to Whole Foods to purchase food. Thank you to Rex and Rosie's Plate. I will make sure that if I need to stay in a hospital again that I will go to Rex.

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