Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Uno Chicago Grill Closes Raleigh Location

I've written before on this blog about Uno Chicago Grill and their extensive Gluten Free menu which included Gluten Free pizzas and much more.  In a blow to the Raleigh Gluten Free pizza market, Uno has closed their only Raleigh location @ Brier Creek.

The nearest Uno is located in Richmond, VA - so if you're really in the mood you'll have a 2 hour drive to suffer through.

Hopefully we will hear something very soon from Mellow Mushroom!


Heather said...

I called Mellow Mushroom the other day hoping for the same thing. I was told it would still be a few months. From what the manager told me they are working hard to be sure that cross contamination is not an issue. He also mentioned that they are planning to launch sub sandwiches. I hope that all works out!!!

Amy said...

The chain is in trouble. The one down the road from me closed, too.

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