Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Moonlight Bakery - Birthday Cake Review

My daughter recently had a birthday party.  While she is not required to eat Gluten Free, we try our best to keep our house free from Gluten.  So we went on the hunt to find an awesome GF birthday cake.  We worked with Moonlight Bakery located here in Raleigh to make an awesome princess themed cake for her party.  See below for the pictures.

Overall the cake was excellent - very moist, light and flavorful.  The cake below was big enough to feed about 15-20 guests and still have a few pieces leftover.  Not bad for the price of around $30.  It was great to have everyone enjoy a safe Gluten Free option that was tasty enough for normal cake eaters.  We went with a vanilla cake with buttercream frosting but there are many more options available.

Thanks to Shanah over at Moonlight Bakery!  If you need a special custom cake for your next event, then give Moonlight Bakery a call or visit their Web site for more information on their other products -


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