Friday, March 19, 2010

NBC's America's Next Great Restaurant - Gluten Free?

Any motivated entrepreneurs out there in the Raleigh area?  NBC will be in town next Monday (3/22) doing an open casting call for their new show called America's Next Great Restaurant.  Raleigh is included in the 8 city tour and the event will be held at the Chipotle (a somewhat GF friendly establishment - coincidence?) at 6102 Falls of Neuse Rd from 10am - 2pm.  FYI, the first 500 people will be seen so better get there early.  Who is going to show up and pitch a GF restaurant to these people?

Why not a entirely Gluten Free restaurant concept?  One in each major market would really go a long way to improving the lifestyle of those of us eating Gluten Free.  Is 3 million Americans enough to support a dedicated restaurant chain like this?  Maybe the restaurant concept could go beyond GF and be allergen free and expand the target audience to the 12 million Americans that deal with this?  Just throwing out some ideas - it's up to those of you out there to take the ball and run.  Your pitch should include that we are basically the most loyal customer base ever created.

Why not go pay NBC a visit with this idea?  You don't even have to have restaurant or kitchen experience, just your idea.  Hey - maybe you'll get to meet Bobby Flay!
Do you have an idea for America's next great restaurant? Are you sitting on a billion dollar concept? If you think your restaurant idea has what it takes to go national and bring in millions of hungry Americans, then apply now to NBC's new reality competition series, "America’s Next Great Restaurant ." It could be one of the biggest prizes in reality show history and you don't have to have any cooking or restaurant experience . . . just one great idea!
Don't feel like pitching in person, you can also pitch your idea by mail using this Web site

For more information, see Andrea Wiegl's blog here.  Or check out's page here.


Chris said...

ZACH! This is a great idea - why don't YOU pitch it and win the contest? I'll eat there.....

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