Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Useful Resources: GFree - Gluten Free Menu Planning

Based on a tip from a reader, I decided to check out another Gluten Free Menu Planning Web site... this one is called GFree. I posted about another service last week.

GFree is a Gluten Free menu planning service similar to but is a little easier on the pocket book at $10/month. You can also purchase a year's worth of menu planning for $79 (30% discount).
GFree offers simple and delicious gluten-free recipes, every day. GFree is a menu planning service providing all of the tools so you can prepare healthy gluten-free dinners. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with Celiac, have an autistic child or you are looking for a healthier lifestyle, GFree will help you answer “what’s for dinner?” You choose your weekly gluten-free recipes and the automatic grocery list is tabulated. Shop once a week and have all of the ingredients needed for five meals.
Click here for a sample menu.
Click here for a sample grocery shopping list.
Click here for the FAQ section.

More from the Web site...
The most popular feature with GFree is the freezer tab. Each month we offer recipes, grocery list and freezer labels. Cook for a few hours and stock your freezer with perfect dinners that you can just pull out in the morning. GFree has you covered!

Ann Bender & Karen Hutcherson
Both marketers by profession, Ann and Karen both have a fondness for good food and healthy cooking. They understand the importance of the nightly family dinner and developed Relish! a premier menu-planning service ( Relish! received hundreds of requests to offer the same type of service but to make it gluten-free. Because of the complexity of the product, they solicited the help of gluten-free cooking expert, Carol Fenster, to provide all of the recipes and many of her famous bread and dessert recipes!

Carol Fenster
Carol has a Ph.D. and is truly a pioneer of gluten-free cooking. What began nearly 20 years ago as a solution to Carol Fenster’s own gluten intolerance grew into a thriving position as a leading expert on gluten-free cooking. The author of 8 gluten-free cookbooks, she also develops gluten-free products for leading manufacturers and consults world-wide on issues related to gluten-free cooking.

All of the recipes you see on GFree are developed Carol Fenster. She’s an expert in gluten-free baking and offers simple recipes that allow you and your family to savor breads and baked goods like you never thought possible.



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