Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Useful Resources: The Sensible Celiac

Anytime I come across something useful on the Web pertaining to Celiac Disease or being Gluten Free, I like to pass it along to the readers of GFR. I had seen The Sensible Celiac site before when I was first diagnosed over the summer and was reminded of it recently when I received an email from Steve Rider, the owner of the Sensible Celiac site.

Here is a copy of the email which sums up what they do over at The Sensible Celiac...
The Sensible Celiac was founded in May of 2004 with the intention of promoting a scientific, reality-based approach to dealing with Celiac disease.

We seek to promote the use of medical science to understand and inform people affected by Celiac disease, while at the same time debunking disinformation that comes from less scientific sources.

The main feature of our website, SensibleCeliac.com, is a discussion forum. Because of our 30 year background in the computer industry and experience with web hosting we have been able to configure and install certain custom tailored 'bots that search the web for gluten-free recipes and news about Celiac disease, posting summaries of each recipe or news item found in forum boards created for that purpose.

We are tracking 3 pharmaceutical research projects world-wide currently testing possible medical treatments for Celiac disease. Another board in our forum exists just for this medical science information.

To further expand our support for medical science and reality-based thinking we sponsor the Celiac disease news feed at the UK website Medworm.

We also use news aggregation techniques to present a news page, with links to stories about Celiac disease from various sources.

In another area of our website a small PHP script has allowed us to create a web page that includes a default listing of YouTube videos about Celiac disease along with a list of canned searches that will let you locate more specific subjects related to this autoimmune disease and the diet it still requires.

Another feature of the Sensible Celiac is our store, in partnership with Amazon.com, but with search criteria we have very carefully designed to make it much easier to find gluten free food items. You can add various items to your shopping cart at our web site, even GF cookbooks, rice cookers and bread machines, then proceed to Amazon for order fulfillment. Shopping at our store supports our ongoing efforts to help the Celiac community and dispel myth-based thinking about medical care.

Over 300 people have already chosen to join the discussion forum at the Sensible Celiac. Your participation is more than welcome, it would be greatly appreciated. Our very fast and expertly maintained dual-core dedicated web server can easily handle thousands more users.

Here are links directly to the areas of our website mentioned in this message:

Medical Science News:

Automated Celiac News Bot:

Gluten Free Recipe Bot:

Current Celiac News Page:

YouTube Videos Script:

Gluten Free Food:

Please accept our invitation to visit the Sensible Celiac today. We hope you will decide to join our community.

Steve Rider
the Sensible Celiac


More of our many, many websites about celiac disease:


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