Thursday, November 6, 2008

Useful Resources: Celinal Foods

I recently discovered Celinal Foods which provides food service solutions for Celiac, intolerance and allergy diets to places like hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and even prisons (coming soon to schools). They offer a product called GF Readiness Kits which are designed for busy kitchens as an inventory backup, emergency supplies, and for occasional gluten free diet orders. They kits have a 2 year shelf life. These would be great to keep around during an emergency (like a Hurricane). They also offer something called "Toast-It Bags" which allows you to use a non-GF dedicated toaster safely by removing the risk of cross-contamination. Here are some of their other products (like Bread, broth, gravy, cake and icing mixes) available.

Ronni Alicea, a consultant dietitian, started Celinal Foods after realizing that her health care facilities could not get their gluten-free diets right 100% of the time. She wanted products that could be kept in stock (shelf-stable), would not be contaminated during preparation (microwave), and within budget (single serve), so, Celinal Foods was born.

Designed for busy kitchens wanting to provide excellent service, Celinal Foods helps make any kitchen allergen friendly, while controlling costs and pleasing diners. The products are food service essentials with preparation to minimize the chance of cross-contact.

Kitchen staff will appreciate having products that are easy to prepare and in stock when needed. Nutritious pasta, fortified breads and cakes, and soup mixes and gravies to keep food warm will meet every kitchen's goals.

  • Gluten-free single serve
  • Kits and small-case quantities
  • Kits come complete with sample in services, select and non-select menus, policy and procedure, and meal identifying cards.
  • Order a kit to always be prepared for 1 or 100 gluten free diets a year.
  • Customized orders are available.
Check out their Web site here to see more information. This is a really cool company!

You can also contact Ronni at Celinal Foods using the following...
Phone: 908-704-7017


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