Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Allergen Free Pizza Crusts?

I know all of you are interested in Gluten Free pizza... fortunately for us, we've got some great options in the Raleigh area (Bella Monica, Z Pizza & Uno Chicago Grill just to name a few). While having a GF crust choice is a great thing over what we had a few years ago, I often get asked if the GF crusts I write about are free of other allergens like dairy or soy, etc...

I was contacted at the end of May by Raleigh resident Maria who expressed her interest in developing a completely allergen-free crust and a company to sell it. It would also be Gluten Free and yeast free as well. Eliminating the other major allergens would make pizza available for all folks out there with food issues. Maria is of course interested in feedback from consumers like the ones who read this blog, so she developed a little online survey.

Let's all help out Maria (and ourselves) by taking this short ten question survey and providing her with feedback about this potential product.



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