Tuesday, June 30, 2009

General Mills Update

General Mills has had a ton of Gluten Free news over the last couple of months so it's not surprising to see some more. Check it out below.

*GM bought LaraBar earlier this month... click here for the press release. LaraBars are excellent Gluten Free energy bars in 13 varieties of flavors.

*GM has reformulated Kix & Cookie Crisp cereals to remove Gluten ingredients... click here and here for the information from Gluten Free Philly. Note - GM has not decided to label either of these cereals as Gluten Free which might mean they are not produced on a dedicated line like Chex.


John said...

It seems the smart companies are getting into the GF game these days.

And, it's great some heavy hitters are going this way which may help drive prices down (I can dream, right?)

Carrie said...

oh wow! i had no idea gm bought larabar!! I hope that won't affect the quality of the bars!!

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