Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 13th Run/Walk Fundraiser Update

Race day is fast approaching... so here are a few updates...

The Gluten Free Raleigh Run/Walk Fundraiser to benefit Gluten Free Week at Camp Kanata (GIG sponsored kids camp in Wake Forest, NC) will take place this Saturday, June 13th during the Susan Komen NC Triangle Race for the Cure. The race begins at 9am and our team will be meeting at 830am. Parking and shuttle information from the RBC Center can be found here. A map of the race course can be found here.

A team was created and 15 participants have joined the team (Zach, Jen, Bruce, Chari, Dave, Jayn, Britne, Joey, Tim, Dylan, Rita, Shelley, Liz, Emily, Mark & John). Three others were kind enough to pick the fundraising only option (Michele, Stacey and the CSA Support Group leader - Pat Berger). At this time, we have raised $385 for Camp Kanata! We have also raised $615 for the Komen Race for the Cure - 2 excellent causes! Congrats Team.

We will be meeting at 830am in the parking lot of the Burger King located on 3701 Hillsborough Street. This location is very close to the start/finish line for the Komen Race located near Meredith College. Let's all get together and walk in a group with our red Gluten Free T-shirts and help raise awareness for Celiac Disease and the Gluten Free Diet.

I'll be in the BK parking lot at 830a with the following items...
  1. Komen T-shirt
  2. Komen Race Plackard w/ Race #
  3. Gluten Free Raleigh T-shirt
If you need your items before the race, please email me and I'll try to make arrangements to get them to you - I did not ship these items to you in an attempt to maximize the donation to GIG & Camp Kanata.

I will also have a few extra Gluten Free T-shirts available for those who did not sign up for the team or have found this information after the deadline to sign up. The T-shirts can be purchased for a $20 donation to GIG (cash only). You must register for the Komen Race separately (can do this on Race day) and I will not have your Komen items (you must pick them up yourselves).

I have not made any arrangements to have any special Gluten Free food items available after the race but I know in years past there have been plenty of GF items out there including Yoplait yogurt and fruit. Also, last year, the Whole Foods tent had GF energy bars (LaraBar I believe) in several varieties. FYI - I'm not the biggest Burger King fan, but here is their allergen menu - looks like you can get fries (supposed to be in a dedicated fryer - please double check) and the Tendergrill chicken salad.

Thanks to all who have supported this effort. I greatly appreciate it and I know the campers at Gluten Free week will also!


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