Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gluten Free Raleigh Dispatch: 8-11-2009

Gluten Free Raleigh Dispatch: 8-11-2009
  • Betty Crocker Gluten Free Baking Mixes Coupon @ BeFreeForMe.com
  • Big list of Gluten Free Cookbook Reviews from Nancy Lapid's About.com Celiac Disease blog. Unfortunately, Nancy leaves out Jules Shepard. Also, check the Gluten Free Greenie review of Gluten Free Everyday cookbook here.
  • The Celiac Princess' review of Bella Monica Gluten Free pizza.
  • Big news from MLB's Colorado Rockies with the first Gluten Free concession stand! Check out this great review from CeliacChicks. Thanks to Aramark - hopefully we will see this trend continue.
  • Mike over at Switch2GlutenFree has compiled a huge list of Celiac Disease statistics (many of which are quoted from Gluten Free Raleigh - check out all the little # 6s). FYI - Check out Mike's cool GF LiveStrong-like wristbands. I've got one on right now. I have also given over 60 of these away at past GFR events.
  • Check out some new items now available from Twin Cakes Bakery (located here in Raleigh). I've tried the soft pretzels and they are YUMMY!
  • Since it is 100+ degrees lately here in NC, you might be interested in some Gluten Free sunscreen. Check out Triumph Dining's Blog here. Important for those of you who lick your fingers after applying sunscreen (just kidding) or if you have DH.
  • Check out this extensive Gluten Free Fast Food Listing from Gluten Free Greenie. I've updated my own listing here with some of this info (This listing can always be found on the right side-bar under Useful Resources). Good stuff Wendy!


thehyltons said...

Thanks for posting the link to BeFree. unfortunaletly, BC ran out of coupons a week ago due to overwhelming response. But they will take your information and put you on a mailing list for new GF products

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