Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gluten Free Raleigh Dispatch: 8-18-2009

Gluten Free Raleigh Dispatch: 8-18-2009
  • Check out this cool post from Bob's Red Mill Blog about their thoughts on customer service. Nice to see. I've had great experiences with their products. Also, follow Bob's on Twitter.
  • See the NY Times latest article about Celiac Disease here. Interesting tidbits on the cost associated with living Gluten Free. See the NY Times blog discussion here. Nancy Lapid's take here. Do you believe the government or insurance companies should do something to help with the cost associated with the GF Diet?
  • Join Gluten Free Durham blogger Debbie Jongkind for a Gluten Free Lunch Box class at Whole Foods on 9/3. Nice job Debbie!
  • New products from Twin Cakes Bakery. Lemon Blueberry Streusel Cupcakes with lemon glaze anyone?
  • Gluten in drywall? See the Saavy Celiac's take here.
  • An update on Gluten Free labeling for Beer from USAToday.com.


Jessica said...

A few years ago I met a young woman from Norway with Celiac Disease. She received a monthly stipend from the government, if I remember correctly this was due to the high cost of food. But I think that they have national health care there too. It would be more difficult to do something like that here.

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