Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Useful Resources: Toaster Bags

Venturing outside the comfort of your Gluten Free kitchen can be quite an adventure. Ever been in the situation where you want to toast something but don't have your trusted Gluten Free toaster handy? This happens to me when I go to a cookout or a party and bring my own GF bun. Then I get there and remember just how bad (usually) Gluten Free bread tastes when not toasted. This also happens in hotels as well. You bring a huge cooler for GF sandwiches but then have to choke one down because you couldn't use the hotel or restaurant toaster.

I recently came across a great product called a toaster bag. Several companies make these bags but they basically allow you to keep your GF food uncontaminated while using an unfriendly toaster. They also work in Toaster Ovens and George Foreman style grills. Check out two brands I found below and leave a comment if you've tried this out.

ToastaBags by PlanIt Products - Toastabags run from $3.99 for 30 use to $5.99 for 100 use

ToastIt Bags by Celinal Foods - 1 ToastIt bag runs $6.95 or you can get 5 bags for $30.


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Emily said...

What a great product!

Do we know what material they are made out of? I couldn't seem to find that on these sites.

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