Thursday, December 3, 2009

General Mills Update - Over 200 GF Products Now Available

I've written many times about the great things General Mills is doing for the Gluten Free product marketplace. Click here for some of my previous entries on this topic. I recently saw this article from about some new announcements from General Mills.

General Mills has launched a brand new Web site and newsletter around their Gluten Free product offering. The Web site is called Live Gluten Freely and it states there that the site is "your destination for gluten-free product information, new product news and recipes from General Mills. Our goal is to help you live your life without gluten…". The Web site also features recipes and a newsletter as well as an explanation about how they label their GF products (see picture to the left).

General Mills is a top 5 food company in the USA and is currently offering over 200 products which are labeled as Gluten Free. You can see the extensive list here. The PDF version (last updated on 11/30/09) is here. The products include major brands like Betty Crocker dessert mixes & fruit snacks, Chex cereal, Lara Bars, Progresso Soups and Yoplait yogurt.

Additionally, you can follow General Mills on Facebook & Twitter.


Tiffany said...

Hi Zach - Can you imagine what this means for the other companies that are behind GM on this issue? I'm so excited to see what's next for our rapidly expanding market!

Lauren said...

I bought some General Mills stock (GIS) around $50/share last April and now look how good the company is doing! :-) Thank you, General Mills for all the gf products!

Clair said...

I recently called them about Strawberry Chex which I had seen in PA during a visit. I did not try them and could not find them here anywhere. It turns out that they have been discontinued. I think they are still on their website, but they are not in this e-mail which I also received.

John said...

I just want to add a warning...I have been buying the GF Corn Chex a lot and enjoy them a lot. But, right before Thanksgiving I was shopping and in a hurry, and I accidentally picked up a Corn Chex box that was not GF. The box looked very similar to the GF one, but it had barley malt in the ingredients. I was in such a hurry I don't remember where I picked it up but it might have been Food Lion, where I don't usually shop.

Moral of the story, be careful when grabbing a box of Chex. ;-)

Zach said...

John, great point... just this week at my local Kroger I found some old Chocolate Chex boxes. Gotta be careful.

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