Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Betty Crocker - More GF News

I've been a little busy itching/scratching a recent DH flare up - sorry I've been away... Regardless, we've already had so much good news from General Mills (like that they clearly label 200+ products as Gluten Free), but here is some more - again from Betty Crocker.

You may have already begun seeing the newly labeled Betty Crocker frosting containers in grocery stores in the area. General Mills had originally planned for this labeling change to begin this fall but they appear to have just now begun arriving. Now you can put some GF frosting on your Betty Crocker GF brownie or cake mix!

Click here to see a complete listing of the available Gluten Free Betty Crocker frostings. Click each link to open a picture of the packaging. I've included a sample to the left. You can see the Gluten Free in the bottom right side of the label.


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