Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Product Testing Policy

Effective 12/4/2009, all products reviewed and promoted on Gluten Free Raleigh will be subject to the new Product Testing Policy outline below. 
  1. From time to time, GFR features product reviews from local Raleigh area companies. In order to be featured on this blog, the products will now be tested for PPM Gluten.
  2. Any company that does not agree to this Policy will not be featured on GFR. Company owners will be notified of this testing policy upfront. No witch hunts will be conducted.
  3. Where possible, representatives from the company will be present during testing so that results can be known immediately and can be done openly. Testing kits will not be opened until the time of the test.
  4. A recognized, reputable company/product will be used in testing the Gluten status of products featured on GFR. GFR has the right to select whatever company provides the most cost effective, accurate testing. Examples of such companies are ELISA Technologies, Inc and R-Biopharm. These Gluten testing companies/products are widely used and recognized in the Gluten Free product marketplace.
  5. GFR will pay for the costs of the Gluten testing.
  6. GFR will clearly state what testing product was used, what GF products where tested and what the results of the test were.
  7. In most cases, photographs will be taken of the testing process and/or test results.
  8. In every case, any questionable test result (positive) will be first discussed with the company/product in question before being published on GFR. If possible, GFR will make itself available to attempt to consult with the company to try to solve their Gluten infiltration.
  9. This policy applies to companies that are not already undergoing some form of Gluten testing where they can provide evidence to GFR of the testing procedure and results.
This product testing policy was created in honor of Paul Seelig, owner/operator of the company formerly known as Great Specialty Products and will be enforced to ensure that no other fraudulent companies or scam artists fool or poison us again.

Changes to this policy may occur at any time.


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