Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Restaurant Review - Rosie's Plate - Downtown Raleigh

As promised here is my review of Rosie's Plate. I have now eaten there on 3 different occasions. If you ever get tired of the involved process of preparing Gluten Free meals at home, this is the place for you! My family has been eating here about once per month and it is a great break from the challenge of GF meal preparation.

Rosie's Plate opened this summer in Downtown Raleigh (ironically next to Krispy Kreme donuts - argh) as a completely Gluten Free kitchen which specializes in prepared meals. As I mentioned before, this is technically not a restaurant. You can order prepared meals online (Click Here) or by phone or fax from a menu which rotates every 2 weeks. At this point, you must order the day before you would like your food but they will have it warm for you to pick up the next day (Orders placed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be ready on Monday). On all 3 occasions, I have picked up my food warm and taken it home to eat with my family. The food stayed warm during my 20 minute drive home and didn't need reheated. They also have the option of picking the food up cold and cooking it yourself.

The menu (completely gluten, shellfish, and peanut-free) consists of a variety of entrees, salads, side dishes, snacks and desserts. Rosie's is now on their 5th menu - click here. There are usually 5-6 entrees and sides (purchased separately), soups, salads, breads, snacks and 8-10 dessert choices.

Rosie's also offers a lunch-to-go menu. While I have not tried this option yet, I anticipate giving it a shot in the near future. My work usually requires a lot of large meetings in which food is usually provided. Most organizers do not take into consideration that employees might have food allergies and as a result there is usually nothing for me to eat. I could see Rosie's filling the void here.

At this time, the only pitfalls of Rosie's Plate are that they do not deliver and they do not have pizza on the menu EVERY week! I have spoken with them about this and they mentioned they hear this feedback all the time and are making plans to rectify these items. If you would like to give input to the folks at Rosie's, please go to their website and click the "New Visitors, please fill out our survey" link at the bottom left part of the home page to let them know what you are thinking. I would also encourage you to call Rosie's and speak with Emily Ellis the Customer Service Manager.

Here is a listing of the items I ordered the 3 times I have eaten at Rosie's.

June 2008
-Tangy Bar-B-Q Chicken Breast $8.50
-Tuscan Grilled Pork Kabob with Vidalia Onions $7.50
-Organic Roasted New Potatoes with Thyme $3.25
-Green beans sauteed in olive oil with garlic $3.00
-6 pack of Chocolate Chip Cookies $4.50
Total Cost $28.82

July 2008
-Grilled Chicken "Scaloppine" with Peach Chutney $8.50
-Brown Rice Penne Pasta with Cream of Red Bell Pepper Sauce $5.50
-Organic Potato and Corn Chowder $4.00
-Yellow squash and zucchini $3.00
-Organic Roasted New Potatoes with Thyme $3.25
-4 Frosted Chocolate Cupcakes(Chocolate Sprinkles & Chocolate Frosting) $9.50
Total Cost $36.37

August 2008
-Terrific Chicken Bites w/Honey Mustard sauce $6.00
-Macaroni & Cheese $4.50
-Cuban Pork Tenderloin Medallions with Roasted Vegetable Salsa $8.50
-Spring rolls - Veggie filled with Spicy "Peanut" sauce $5.00
-6 pack of Sugar Cookies $6.00
Total Cost $32.34

My family and I have thoroughly enjoyed each time we order from Rosie's Plate. I would highly recommend and encourage all Celiac's or Gluten Free folks in the area to give Rosie's a try and let them know you support them. I have spoken with several folks at Rosie's and each time they are pleasant and grateful of my patronage. Their customer service is great and the food is always ready on time and kept warm in their lobby (in case you are running late).

Rosie's has been mentioned in several publications since they opened. For more information, I encourage you to read the following...
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Rosie's Plate
701 N Person Street
Downtown Raleigh
Phone 833-0505
Web http://www.rosiesplate.com/
Hours: Monday – Friday
* 10a – 7p for Customer Service
* 3p - 6:30p for Order Pickup

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