Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Survey Result - Mo's Diner - Downtown Raleigh

I previously mentioned the survey I am conducting with restaurants in the local area to gauge their Gluten Free Friendliness.
I heard from Mo's Diner this morning and thought I would share with you.

Mo's Diner is located in Downtown Raleigh @ 306 E. Hargett Street near Moore's Square. Mo's has been in business for nearly 10 years offering up white table cloth dinner service in a 1886 restored home. Mo's is the perfect place for a romantic date or special occasion. Don't let the name fool you on this one - this is one of the nicest restaurants in downtown Raleigh.

Here are the results of the survey.
1. Please provide the following: -Your name -The name of the Business you are representing -The type of Business (restaurant, bar, etc...)
Holly Mohajer @ Mo's Diner Restaurant

2. What is your position at your business?

3. Have you heard of "Gluten Free" or Celiac Disease before? Do you understand all the ingredients in your menu items that are not Gluten Free? Do you understand the Cross-Contamination issues when cooking/preparing Gluten Free food?
Yes to all questions.

4. Do you currently offer a specific separate Gluten Free Menu?

5. Have you ever had any patrons in your business who requested Gluten Free items/menu?
Comment: Many times and we have numerous options for them.

6. If you do currently provide a Gluten Free Menu, please describe the easiest way for patrons to find it (website, need to call ahead, need to ask when arriving). reservations suggested for all parties I will gladly make a note on reservation for a gluten free diet

7. If you do not currently provide a separate Gluten Free Menu, would you consider creating one in the future (with or without the assistance of the Gluten Free Raleigh Blog)?

8. If you do not currently offer a Gluten Free Menu, is your business capable of preparing Gluten Free items for your patrons? If yes, what is the best way for your patrons to request these items?
The best way is to let us know about your Menu requests when making a reservation. I am the hostess as well as the owner, so please remind me when I am seating your party that one of your guests needs a Gluten Free Diet.

9. Anything further you would like to provide about your business?
We have many Gluten Free guests weekly. All of our menu items are cooked to order. All menu items except for just a few can or are Gluten Free. It is our pleasure to accommodate our guests will any of their dietary needs or restrictions. Thank you for considering Mo's Diner for your survey.

Sounds like Mo's Diner is a pretty Gluten Free Friendly place - check it out and let me know.
You can email Holly at for more information.


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