Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Whole Foods North Raleigh?

I, like many of you, shop at Whole Foods for many Gluten Free items. I plan on doing a grocery store review in the near future which will include much more information about where to find GF items at Raleigh's grocery stores. The Raleigh Whole Foods located on Wade Avenue is not really all that convenient for me and pretty much every time I shop there I have to wait in line to go down the GF isle. Once I get down the isle, most of the items are picked over.

This summer, it was rumored that Whole Foods was looking to open a new store in North Raleigh. It seems that a neighborhood group has organized to try to make sure these plans are a reality. If you would like to join this group and support Whole Foods opening a second Raleigh store please see the following website for more information - http://www.bringwholefoods.com/index.html

On a side note, anyone else refer to Whole Foods as Whole Paycheck?


Edie said...

I'm in Zebulon, so North Raleigh won't help much, but there's a Trader Joe's going in at Wake Forest Rd and the Beltline (near the Melting Pot and Jerry's Artarama.) Any idea how GF friendly they are?

Thank you for all your work and energy with this!


Curious Art said...

Do you know about Harmony Farms? They have an extensive gf selection & will also special order items. They're really great folks.

Zach said...

Trader Joe's has a pretty good selection of GF items and I am anxiously awaiting their arrival in Raleigh.

I have been told by several folks about Harmony Farms and plan on writing about them soon.

John W. said...

Trader Joe's sells their own brand brownie mix and pancake mix and my girlfriend and I (who isn't a celiac) both think they are terrific. I recently bought three bags of the brownie mix since it is a long haul to get over there and because the mix is so good!

They also have their own GF nature bars, frozen dishes, Enjoy Life cereals and many other products. I believe their website has a link to their GF product list in pdf form. If it isn't there, people in the store will give you a copy.

Anonymous said...

While Whole Foods may not be convenient (luckily it is for me), they are a great asset and resource for us who have to be gluten-free. They have the largest selection of Gluten-Free items in the area. I'd suggest you try visiting on different days of the week. If the stock is low on one day, try another day of the week. They are constantly restocking this store.

I have run into people in Whole Foods who have had to drive to Raleigh from Wilmington -- just to go to Whole Foods for g/f foods -- because they don't have any options.

I personally am very thankful to have whole foods around.... convenient or not.

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