Thursday, September 25, 2008

Survey Result - Solas - Downtown Raleigh

I received another response from my Gluten Free Friendliness Restaurant Survey. This time it was from a place called Solas in Downtown Raleigh (Glenwood South).

Solas opened just a few short months ago and is a unique place in Raleigh. The building containing Solas is brand new construction in the heart of the Glenwood South Entertainment District (419 Glenwood Ave) which offers 3 levels of "dining, lounge and rooftop entertainment". Check out their Web site for more information.

Here are the results of the survey.
1. Please provide the following: -Your name -The name of the Business you are representing -The type of Business (restaurant, bar, etc...)
Travis Grant, Solas Restaurant

2. What is your position at your business?

3. Have you heard of "Gluten Free" or Celiac Disease before? Do you understand all the ingredients in your menu items that are not Gluten Free? Do you understand the Cross-Contamination issues when cooking/preparing Gluten Free food?

4. Do you currently offer a specific separate Gluten Free Menu?

5. Have you ever had any patrons in your business who requested Gluten Free items/menu?

6. If you do currently provide a Gluten Free Menu, please describe the easiest way for patrons to find it (website, need to call ahead, need to ask when arriving).
We offer Gluten Free items upon request

7. If you do not currently provide a separate Gluten Free Menu, would you consider creating one in the future (with or without the assistance of the Gluten Free Raleigh Blog)?

8. If you do not currently offer a Gluten Free Menu, is your business capable of preparing Gluten Free items for your patrons? If yes, what is the best way for your patrons to request these items?
Ask upon arrival or call ahead and talk with the Chef

9. Anything further you would like to provide about your business?
We understand the difficulty for someone who suffers from this disease to find a restaurant to support their culinary needs.

Based on their answer to question 7, I will be following up with Solas to work on getting an actual Gluten Free Menu created. I will let you know where that goes.


Curious Art said...

Just wanted to thank you again for the incredibly helpful work you're doing. I do have one tiny suggestion on the survey you are sending out. In my experience, cross-contamination is the trickiest issue in dining out. If I were you I'd present it as a separate question, rather than including it under the question "Have you ever heard of Gluten-Free?" It would give us a clearer idea of just how familiar the restaurant is with celiac issues.

Thanks again for your fantastic site!

glutenfreeraleigh said...

see the new survey for the changes!

Curious Art said...

Wow, thanks so much! You are providing such an amazing resource for the GF community here. I've already learned a lot from your site & don't feel like quite as much of a drag when going out with wheat-eaters!

Zach said...

Here is their GF Menu - now available online -

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