Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gourmet Frais Update

In October, I wrote about a new local company called Gourmet Frais, which is creating tasty gluten-free snack food items. See that post here. The French word Frais is defined as cool, crisp, fresh.

A few days ago, I received a taste testing package in the mail from the owner of Gourmet Frais, Susanna Wilde. It included the following items; Not Really Cheeze Krackers, Cherry Walnut Brownies, Cherry Walnut Hemp Brownies and Cacao & Creme Cookies.

All of the snack items made at Gourmet Frais are "Living Foods" which consists "primarily of fruits, vegetables, sprouted beans & grains, nuts and seeds. The nutritional value of the food is maintained and enzymatic activity preserved by baking below 115 °F".

I have to say that the snacks provided to me for taste testing were pretty tasty. I would recommend that we support (or continue to support) local companies who are catering to our GF needs. To see more of the products offered, click here.

More information from the Gourmet Frais Web site...
Gourmet Frais Snacks can help with:
-WEIGHT LOSS – without giving up snacks like brownies or crackers

-HEALTH CONCERNS such as heart disease or high cholesterol (& triglycerides)
-CUTTING sugar, chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors & flavors out of diet

Gourmet Frais snacks contain:
-NO Wheat
-NO Dairy
-NO Eggs
-NO Peanuts or other Legumes
-NO Shellfish
-NO chemicals
-NO preservatives
-NO artificial colors/flavors
-NO Sugar – sweetened with Dates, Raw Agave Nectar or Raw Honey

Gourmet Frais snacks are:
-All Natural & Healthy for You
-Organic (most ingredients)
-Made from “Living” ingredients from nature: Tree Nuts, Seeds, Fruits, Vegetables, Sprouted Grain (gluten free), and “Super Foods” like Cacao

Gourmet Frais snacks are NEVER baked above 115°F
-To preserve nutritional value

-To maintain enzymatic activity and aid in digestion
-To provide "living" food for living bodies

Gourmet Frais Brownies and Cookies are made w/ Raw Cacao - a "Super Food"
-Feed your body healthy ANTIOXIDANTS which many health experts say can help prevent many diseases, such as cancer.

-Help lower your “bad” LDL cholesterol to reduce risk of heart attack & stroke
-Help raise your levels of serotonin, phenylethylamine, and anandamide (known as the “bliss chemical”) all of which can both help elevate mood, reduce depression, and reduce PMS symptoms.
-Help your body produce endorphins giving you a "runner's high" like a jogger feels after a run.


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