Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Celiac Disease Book Released Today

You may already know that celebrity Elisabeth Hasselbeck has Celiac Disease. She is currently a co-host on the ABC program The View. Her story is pretty interesting, she originally became famous while competing on Survivor Australia. She basically always felt bad before her appearance on Survivor but felt great during the show. When she returned home after Survivor, she began feeling bad again. This is how she discovered she had Celiac and needed a Gluten Free Diet - she was eating no Gluten during her time on the show.

Elisabeth has often talked about Celiac Disease and the Gluten Free Diet on The View (click here for a Youtube video) and now she has written a book about being Gluten Free. The book is titled The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide (available on Amazon.com for $17).

Check out a review of the book from About.com's Celiac Disease expert Nancy Lapid (who I read daily).

UPDATE- here is a clip of Elisabeth on Good Morning America.


john said...

My 93 yr old grandmother called me to tell me about her media blitz for her book! That was great, and it's good that the word is getting out.

Hopefully GF will become a huge fad that makes GF a more well known term.

Zach said...

A message from CDF National:

Celiac Colleagues:

I am writing to call your attention to the current publicity surrounding the new book, The G-free Diet, A Gluten-Free Survival Guide by Elisabeth Hassselbeck, co-host of The View. While it is important to call attention to celiac disease, the information must be accurate – the inaccuracies in this book are potentially dangerous and detrimental to celiacs and to those yet to be diagnosed if people self diagnose and start eating GF. Our mission is to assist in getting people accurately diagnosed and the message in this book could defeat this mission. It appears that this book is being marketed as a fitness diet – eat g-free and feel so much better. Celiac is incorrectly referred to as an allergy not an autoimmune disease.

The GF diet is the medically mediated prescription that controls the condition for a diagnosed celiac. Several items in the book are misleading and inaccurate and place further limitations on the GF diet. The gluten-free lifestyle is a lifelong commitment for the diagnosed celiac, not an option, not a fad diet – adhering to the GF lifestyle requires patience and persistence. This lifestyle can not be trivialized.

Elisabeth will be interviewed on Larry King Live this evening on CNN. PLEASE take the time to call in to the show or send an email to Larry King Live to help correct some of this misinformation.

Email Larry King Live at: http://www.cnn.com/feedback/forms/form5.lkl.html

The phone number for call-ins to the show is 1-800-676-2100.

Thank you.

Elaine Monarch
Founder & Executive Director
Celiac Disease Foundation

john said...

Ugh. ;-(

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