Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Poll Results tallied - New Polls added

Here are the results of the set of Poll questions that have been on Gluten Free Raleigh since 4-6-09. I try to put up new poll questions every 30 days or so. I use this information to decide what to research and write about so please vote and let me know what you are interested in!

Interestingly enough, the majority of respondents to the "What month is Celiac Awareness Month" answered every month - my personal preference. I honestly try my best to raise awareness everyday - but technically speaking I go with May as the official month in the USA (and majority of the world). Also, you can see a pretty much 50/50 split between the number of people diagnosed less than 1 year and those who took more than 10 years to get their CD diagnosis.

What Month is Celiac Disease Awareness Month?
May -3 (17%)
October -5 (29%)
April -1 (5%)
Other -1 (5%)
Every Month -7 (41%)

Votes so far: 17

How long did it take to get Diagnosed with Celiac?
Less than 1 year -9 (39%)
1 - 2 years -2 (8%)
2 - 5 years -1 (4%)
5 - 10 years -3 (13%)
More than 10 years -8 (34%)

Votes so far: 23

I have also added some new Poll Questions to the right side bar. I will continue to put up new Polls often to try to get a better understanding of what readers of this blog would like me to focus on.

Please vote!


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