Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jules Shepard Updates

Just wanted to mention a few updates from a Gluten Free Raleigh favorite - Jules Shepard.
  1. Jules released a new free CookiE-book a few days ago (which has now expired).  However, for Gluten Free Raleigh readers, the offer has been extended through May 5th.  Click this link and enter the coupon code "cookie8" to get your free 18 page e-book featuring 11 Gluten Free cookie recipes.  The e-book normally runs $10.
  2. Jules is taking part in a Celiac Disease fund raiser this weekend called "Making Tracks for Celiacs" which benefits the University of Maryland's Center for Celiac Research.  During this run/walk, Jules is attempting to raise $3000 and is already halfway to her goal.  It's not likely that most of you will be in Baltimore this weekend but you can still donate online to help Jules reach her goal.  If any of you have ever had the pleasure to experience a Gluten Free cooking class taught by Jules here in Raleigh, you know she is a great person and is a huge advocate/activist for Celiacs.  Now is our turn to repay her for making five trips to Raleigh for cooking classes over the last year or so.  Donate online to Jules' team here.  This event is in it's 9th year and has raised nearly $2 million towards increasing awareness and supporting research.  Definitely a great cause.
  3. Jules is also currently working on finishing up her third book entitled Free for All Cooking.  This new recipe book (Jules' third book) will contain 125 recipes that are Gluten Free and can easily be made Allergen-Free.  It also features a really extensive substitution guide for common ingredients that you or someone in your family may be allergic too - pretty cool!  The book can be pre-ordered right now on and should be available in early October.


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