Monday, April 26, 2010

More Gluten Free Products from General Mills

General Mills is at it again... They hit the Gluten Free market in full force last summer with the debut of several varieties of Chex cereals in addition to the release of four varieties of Betty Crocker GF baking mixes.  Since last summer they have rolled out a new Web site called Live Gluten Freely which now currently details over 250 General Mills products that are labeled Gluten Free.  Those 250 products include Betty Crocker frosting, yoplait yogurt, Progresso soup, fruit by the foot, gushers, fruit roll-ups, Betty Crocker potato buds, Green Giant vegetables, and LaraBars.

This summer, General Mills will again make a splash with new product offerings.  This time, it will be a Gluten Free version of it's famous Bisquick product along with three varieties of Hamburger Helper dinner mixes.  See the details over at  The products will first be unveiled at the annual Celiac Disease Foundation conference in Los Angeles on May 15th.  The products will be rolled out nationwide later in the summer.

FYI - if you or someone you know are new to the Gluten Free diet, you can visit the Live Gluten Freely Web site to order a gift box of a variety of GF items from General Mills.  Click here for details.  There are also a ton of recipes as well.


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Thank you General Mills! And Zach for posting this!

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